Can You Be Hypnotized?

Can you be hypnotized? Simply put, yes you can! Contrary to what you may believe.

I hear quite often from others that they don’t believe they can be hypnotized. This usually comes from a misconception of what hypnosis actually is. Hypnosis is not a foreign experience, it’s a very natural way of being. In fact, we go in and out of hypnosis everyday.

Hypnosis in Everyday Living

Here are just a few examples of hypnosis in everyday living:

Have you ever driven your car to a destination, and once you arrived not remembering how you got there? (We call this in the industry, “highway hypnosis.”) This is a light state of hypnosis.

Have you ever become so involved in a movie, to the complete exclusion of everything else, to where when someone speaks to you, you are startled? This is a light state of hypnosis. Or so involved in the storyline, characters and scenes of a good book, that again you’re startled when someone walks in the room and states your name? This is a light state of hypnosis.

You may be surprised that daydreaming or wandering off in your imagination is a light state of hypnosis.

As you can see, we go in and out of hypnosis daily. If this is not understood, however, one could leave a hypnosis session thinking they were not hypnotized. Simply because the feeling was so familar. That is, it was nothing new. Well, it should feel familiar. It’s not anything new. It’s our natural way of being.

A lot can be accomplished in light states of hypnosis. However, for deeper work such as problems related to trauma or memory recall, one must be able to enter into a deeper state of hypnosis. Not everyone is capable of this. A skilled hypnotist will administer testing to determine the level of hypnosis you can obtain.

can you be hypnotized

Other Misconceptions About Hypnosis* – Can You Be Hypnotized?

There are many other misconceptions about hypnosis. The following will ease your mind and give you confidence to seek this powerful tool to improve the quality of your life.

Loss of Consciousness:

This is probably the most common misconception surrounding hypnosis. Many believe people who are hypnotized are unconscious. This misunderstanding can be attributed directly to stage hypnosis, and the way hypnosis has often been portrayed in films and on television. The fact is…far from being unconscious, you will be even more focused during hypnosis than before.

Surrender of Will:

Again, because of how hypnosis has been portrayed, many people believe that hypnosis is somehow a surrender of will in that the client will submit to the “power” of the hypnotist. As hypnosis is a subjective experience, nothing could be further from the truth. You are always capable of making decisions at all times.

Weak Mindedness:

Some believe that only fools can be hypnotized. The truth is, because hypnosis requires concentration, the best clients are actually the more intelligent of the population.

Revelation of Secrets:

Some others believe that while under hypnosis you can be forced to reveal secrets about yourself and others. However, as a client is aware of everything while being hypnotized, this doesn’t happen. People can talk if necessary and can even fib, just as easily.

Confusion Between Hypnotizability and Guillibility:

This is similar to the misconception about weak-mindedness; here cleints believe that if they are hypnotizable, it means that they are gullible. This misconception was already answered in weak-mindedness.

*Source: National Guild of Hypnotists

Hypnosis is a Gift to Yourself

Hypnosis can be a wonderful gift to yourself! It can be used to maximize skills such as sports and public speaking. Or to do something that you currently cannot do, or stop doing something that you currently do. In my fifteen years as a consulting hypnotist, I have witnessed beautiful and miraculous changes in peoples lives. Hypnosis is a quick, safe and effective modalty to finally achieve your goals.

May everyday in everyway your life get better and better!

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