A Catalog of Meditation Resources Available for Purchase

Rely on me to provide you with a variety of meditation resources and energy healing services in Western North Carolina, as well as those of you living around the world through video conferencing. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, I have used my knowledge to produce audio-visual presentations that you can use for self-reflection, personal enrichment, and empowerment. I also created an e-book with a variety of themes that you can highlight during your meditations.

Free Hypnotic, Audio Meditations For Your Wellbeing

Downloadable Digital Content

“Denna J. Shelton has masterfully crafted a stunningly beautiful multi-media book. The author invites you to remember and to experience who and what you essentially are. The guided meditations are deeply relaxing and energetically transformative.
You can journey through multidimensional realms, discover your spiritual origins, or experience states of altered consciousness that encourage you to live life through your Soul. A loving, encouraging, and supportive energy permeates this book. It calls you joyfully to your divine awakening.”
—Elaine Yoshikawa, Ph.D. in Philosophy