Smoking Cessation Package, 4 – 1.5 Hour Sessions




Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and Reiki!

You want to stop smoking because it’s a very unhealthy and expensive habit. Chances are you’ve already tried a variety of ways to stop smoking, but you’re still struggling, this is normal and I can help you with that today!

Hypnosis with Reiki opens the door to lasting change by going straight to the source of the problem to reframe your entire perception of smoking at a subconscious level. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy a happier, healthier and much longer life!

I offer two approaches to smoking cessation:

  • One approach is a one-on-one session and is designed for the person who is highly motivated to quit smoking. This person has probably smoked less than ten years and has easily quit before, but just has difficulty making it last. Two sessions are scheduled within three to five days apart.

You must attend both sessions even though you will probably stop smoking after the first session. You need the second one to make it permanent.

  • The second approach is also a one-on-one session and is for the person who has tried to quit many times before, and every time they try to quit, it has been too upsetting or stressful. Sometimes family members will even beg this type of smoker to start smoking again.

Usually, these people have smoked 15 years or more. This smoker has a deep emotional attachment that needs to be neutralized. This usually takes 4 sessions.

In this second approach, the first session gives the client hope and causes them to feel good about hypnosis with Reiki. They also begin to experience relief and some improvement even after the first session. The work, however, really begins in the second session. Each session is different and one builds on the other.


“I’ve made several attempts throughout my lifetime to quit smoking. In only two hypnosis sessions with Denna, I was easily able to say goodbye to this 35-year-old habit that was negatively impacting my health. Thank you, Denna, for your expertise!”
~Betty C., WNC




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