Discover Your Inner Strengths Through My Workshop

TwentyGems, Soul's Journey to Self-Love Workshop

I invite you to join me in a safe and sacred environment for the TwentyGems, Soul's Journey to Self-Love Workshop. This informative and experiential time together will lead you through a dynamic process, which reveals your OWN TRUTH, uncovers limiting beliefs, and claims your personal power.

Now is the time! We, as a civilization, are at a crossroads. We must choose change. Change that begins with each one of us. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, "Be the change you wish to see." Do you want to see peace? Then choose inner peace for yourself. Do you want equality for all? Then choose to quit judging yourself and others. Do you wish others would change, so you can be happy? Then choose happiness for yourself, independent of others.

We Can No Longer Ignore the Voice of Our Souls

They are in need of deep nourishment and expression. Without this, it will be difficult to adjust and cope with these transforming times. Now is the time to once and for all let go of the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in a life we truly don't want or have succumbed to just to survive and not thrive. Now is the time to align the quality of our thinking with the needs of our bodies and the desires of our hearts. To claim the power that is our birthright that leads to a life of joy, peace, love, and abundance in all ways.

What To Expect in the TwentyGems, Soul's Journey to Self-Love Workshop:

  • Discover your own inner wisdom in order to live an empowered life of authenticity and truth.
  • Shed the lies that keep you from experiencing your purpose and passion.
  • Embrace the truth of who you are to experience freedom and joy.
  • Tap into the source of your authentic power at the depths of your soul.
  • Attain the tools that enable you to “light up a room”—literally!
  • Learn how to have a vibrant body allowing your spirit to soar.

The world is more than ever in need of your power, your love, and your truth. The world needs you—the real you!