Helping You Improve Your Mind, Body, and Soul

I offer exceptional healing and meditative services to clients in Western North Carolina, as well as those around the world through video conferencing. Because of my commitment to helping you take care of your well-being, I strive to provide you with the best services to boost your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


Reiki Healing

With my knowledge and expertise as a Reiki Master, I can skillfully remove energetic blocks which enables your body to heal itself. These healings can be done in person or remotely.

It is my belief that love is the touchstone and balancer of all energies.

As a Reiki practitioner, my role is to open your heart to love so that positive change can take place.
Through energy healing, you can:

  • Balance meridians
  • Reweave your energy field by repairing damages that were caused by a difficult birth, radiation, trauma, toxins, and other negative affirmations
  • Expand and align your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies
  • Open, clear, and balance your chakra system
  • Eliminate toxins and residues in your body holistically
  • Balance your yin and yang
  • Open your heart to forgiveness

A Unique Approach to Hypnosis

As a certified consulting hypnotist, I offer effective holistic services by combining Reiki healing and hypnosis. This strategy proves effective in improving the mind, body, and spirit of my clients.

During the initial session, I will fully evaluate your condition, identify how many meetings are needed, and determine the most appropriate approach to use. You may choose to have these sessions conducted through Skype, FaceTime, or other forms of video conferencing.

My energy healing and hypnosis services can help you:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Cure Insomnia
  • Reduce Stress
  • Resolve Childhood Emotions and Experiences
  • Lessen Excessive Worrying
  • Address Prolonged Sadness
  • Boost Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Reduce Stress Caused by Tests and Academic Achievement
  • Enhance Memory
  • Train You in Self-Hypnosis
  • Address Apprehensions and Fears
  • Manage Your Weight
  • Lessen Social Stress
  • Address Stage Fright and Performance Stress
  • Resolve Habitual Patterns and Behaviors
  • Enhance Sports Skills for Peak Performance

Some Concepts About Hypnosis That You Need to Know

  • Anyone can be hypnotized if they are truly willing and open. You might not just realize that you are in a hypnotic trance since it does not feel much different from your normal state.
  • Being hypnotized does not make you lose control. You cannot be made to do anything unless you do not mind or already willing to do this action.
  • Hypnosis does not put you in a state akin to being asleep. You can be aware of what is happening and can opt to come out of this trance at any time.
  • Remembering a session of hypnosis differs from person to person. Some people may not recall the entire meeting, while others have a memory of what happened. When hypnosis is used for behavioral changes, people often recall important moments during the meeting.

Intuitive Reading Sessions

I believe that you can obtain a higher level of wisdom and guidance from spirit by achieving stillness and a quiet mind. However, this process is difficult when you have a strong emotion about something. With the help of an intuitive reader, you can resolve feelings that block the positive flow of your body’s energy.

In my case, I can connect with your spiritual guides and angels to reveal valuable messages that may assist you in achieving clarity or validation in your life. These are not fortune-telling predictions of the future. I simply give insights to your situation, which may ease your worries and allow you to look forward to more peaceful days.



From the first time I saw these beautiful meditations I knew that I could easily implement it into my work with patients. Though I thought all of them could benefit, I knew it could be of particular use to those with anxiety and sleep disorders. I’ve seen it help them find their way back to spiritual intimacy and find the remedy to their illnesses within themselves.”
~Dr. Cynthia M. Bratman

"Denna shares her loving energy in such a way that the effects can be felt immediately in mind, body, and spirit. She is open-hearted and generous, addressing our cares to show us our own power to heal and be healed."
~K.H., Annapolis, MD

"I have consulted Denna on several occasions for guidance on business and personal matters and have always found her readings to be insightful, meaningful, and powerful. She is gifted not only in receiving information but also in her gentle, affirming way of relaying this to those who seek her help."
~J.C., Western NC

"Reiki with Denna is a powerful tool for the body and spirit. I haven’t been this relaxed in years, and I find myself smiling for no particular reason"
~so profound that I keep telling other people to try it! TA, WNC

"Denna has a natural talent for healing. Her intuitive, caring, professional demeanor brings comfort to any client, even those who are new to Reiki. I recommend her to anyone experiencing pain, discomfort or simply seeking relaxation."

"My hypnosis journey for weight loss with Denna has been interesting, enlightening, fun and very successful. I highly recommend Denna as a hypnotist and healing arts practitioner to anyone."
~E. K. R., WNC

"I’ve made several attempts throughout my lifetime to quit smoking. In only two hypnosis sessions with Denna, I was easily able to say goodbye to this 35-year-old habit that was negatively impacting my health. Thank you, Denna, for your expertise!"
~Betty C., WNC