Gardening Tips

My top three gardening tips in a spiritual sense:

Gardening Tips #1 Be Patient

GARDENING TEACHES US PATIENCE. Growth and beautiful blooms take time. It’s a process. It doesn’t just happen overnight. We can’t rush and must allow it to unfold naturally while nurturing it along the way. Nurturing in terms of sun, water, pruning and fertilizer.

It is the same with the human experience. We need patience with ourselves. Our personal growth is a process. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Self nurturance, self compassion and self love are mandatory for an open and beautiful heart (garden) bearing fruits of the spirit: joy, peace, harmony and love. Be patient with yourself!

Gardening Tips #2 Weed Pesky, Disturbing Thoughts

We must cultivate our own garden.” – Voltaire

GARDENING REQUIRES WEEDING. Why is it that weeds not flowers seem to grow plentifully and effortlessly? It tends to be human nature to look for the negative or to dwell upon it. This is partly due to the natural fight or flight survival mechanism that we all have. It is largely due to the beliefs we hold in our hearts creating those pesky, disturbing thoughts. Having awareness of the negative beliefs that stunt our growth and choke us is an important step to healing. Joy grows as negativity is removed. We weed our thoughts to remove that which hinders our growth. Which mental weeds are choking your growth?

Gardening Tips

Celebrate Your Growth!

GARDENS ARE TO BE CELEBRATED. Celebrate new growth and keep tending it so growth can continue and when it does you thrive. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect garden and yes, those darn weeds will continue to pop up. Clear them and keep on growing. And by all means, do not compare your garden to others. Comparison is the thief of joy. Joy is in your own person garden. No one else’s!

Tend to your spiritual soil, your heart. My you grow in in beauty and bounty: joy, peace, harmony and love.

Happy gardening, happy you!

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