The Power in Your Thoughts

There is power in your thoughts which affect all areas of your life. But our thoughts alone hold very little power. It’s the emotion behind the thought that fuels the power. The power not only in your outer circumstances, but also within your physical body. The thoughts driven by an emotional charge are usually based on a strong-held belief. Often times, a belief formed at a very young age.

Many people go through life on autopilot thinking the same thoughts, reacting the same way and experiencing the same circumstances over and over. Clueless as to why nor fully aware of the long-held beliefs that are driving their choices and experiences. Often feeling powerless to make positive changes in their lives.

The Power in Your Thoughts
The Power in Your Thoughts

Strong beliefs that fuel your powerful thoughts through emotions are held in your subconscious mind. To change these beliefs that are not serving you in a healthy way, they must be over-ridden. You can think of this as upgrading your hard drive on your computer with new programming.

Power in Your Thoughts on Your Physical Body

Good nutrition, exercise, sufficient sleep all contributes to being healthy. But do not underestimate the power of your thoughts and their contribution to your physical well-being. Every thought, especially emotionally charged thoughts, releases a chemical within the brain received by the cells of your body. A positive thought creates a healthy chemical, a negative thought creates an unhealthy chemical. Repeated negative thinking creates the environment for an unhealthy body.

Hypnosis is a speedy, concise and direct way to access the subconscious mind upgrading to healthier beliefs, therefore healthier, powerful thoughts and choices. Making positive changes to all areas of your life.

Are you in need of an upgrade?

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To health and happiness…

Denna Shelton, CH, RMP