The Subconscious & Superconscious Marriage

If ever I’ve known a “kindred spirit,” it has to be Florence Scovel Shinn, the American author, artist and New Thought spiritual teacher, 1870-1940. She is best known for her first book, The Game of Life and How to Play It. She was indeed very spiritual and quotes several Bible scriptures throughout her book supporting her thoughts including the 23rd Psalm, “He restoreth my soul.” She believed that the subconscious mind is the soul and must be restored with “right ideas.” And the “mystical marriage” is the marriage of the soul and the spirit, or the subconscious and superconscious mind. As a Reiki Master and consulting hypnotist, I could not agree more.

Exploring more the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious

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  • The subconscious mind (or soul) has no power of induction. As a result, whatever you feel deeply or imagine clearly, is impressed upon it and carried out in minute detail. It does not judge right or wrong, but simply believes. You can think of the subconscious as the power or stream of energy that drives your thoughts and actions. Amazingly 90% of our daily living is controlled by the subconscious mind including: automatic functions, long-term memory, habit patterns, addictions, self-preservation/instincts, intuition, creativity and spirituality.
  • The conscious mind is only responsible for the remaining 10% of our daily living. In this, it thinks, plans, organizes, stores our short-term memory and sees life as it appears to be and perceiving limitation of every kind. The conscious mind impresses the subconscious.
  • The superconscious mind is the Higher or God Mind within each of us. Therefore, the realm of right ideas. Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” And he said the Kingdom was within man. The Kingdom is the realm of right ideas. When the subconscious is flooded with the perfect ideas of the superconscious, you experience “Oneness.” “I and the Father are one.” That is, you are one with the realm of perfect ideas; you are made in God’s image (imagination). Here you experience unconditional love, peace, joy and all things beautiful.

How do you create a Mystical Marriage?

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One direct way to perform a mystical marriage between your subconscious and superconscious mind is in stillness and meditation. I personally like focusing on my breath, with my hands on my heart (the seat of the soul) and repeating the mantra, “I AM.”

These two small words are exceptionally powerful. When you say, “I AM” you are calling forth the name of God (The I AM comes from “I AM THAT I AM”) or the God Mind, superconscious that is a part of you.

Repeating this mantra in stillness and reverence enables the full realization that there is no separation between you and your maker. You are indeed One. Many higher truths are then revealed to you. Consequently, your life takes on a special meaning and guided direction is given. That is, you are attuned to the voice of your superconscious.

Life is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Things are changing so drastically, both personally and globally, that it’s difficult to assimilate it all. As a result, we can no longer ignore the cry of our souls. They are in need of deep nourishment. And more than ever is the world in need of our love. To bring it forward, we must retreat from all the external noise and in stillness replenish our hearts and souls. Experiencing the Kingdom within… experiencing Oneness.

It is now time to marry our subconscious with our superconscious mind, Replacing our unloving thoughts and beliefs with loving, peaceful ones that nourish our souls and brighten our spirits. No matter what.

Sparkle on…

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