A Vaccine for Fear

The decision whether to vaccinate or not for COVID has added to the mix of fear, e.g., judgment, anger, division, anxiety, etc. I am not writing today as an advocate for or against the COVID vaccine. I am writing to speak of a much more needed vaccine. A vaccine for fear.

Science has proven that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical well being. Not only our personal physical well being, but the environments’ well being, as well. HearthMath Institute states the energy from our hearts are 40-60% stronger than the brains. And extend at least 3 feet affecting our surroundings.

It can be detected in another person sitting nearby via an electrocardiogram (ECG). Can you bring to mind someone who, without even speaking a word, makes you feel light just by being in their presence? Or have you felt someone’s presence that just feels icky?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vaccine for fear?

With the energy of fear so many are holding and exuding right now, it’s easy to postulate not much good will develop from it. The question becomes, What are you holding in your heart? What old stories and believes are you holding in your heart that are governing your life and affecting the whole and bringing fear?

It’s natural, of course, to fear. We are hard wired for it. It protects us in many way. But when fear is the governing force in our lives, our health and collective way of being is deeply affected. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply have a vaccine for fear? Well, there is!

The vaccine is fear’s direct opposite … love.

Love is the Vaccine for Fear

Attitude Breathing as a Vaccine for Fear

I believe there’s a wonderful, loving vaccine for fear. The HeartMath Institute created what they call “Attitude Breathing.” Here’s their recommendation on how to bring this vaccine of love into your life:

Step 1. Recognize an unwanted attitude – a feeling or attitude that you want to change. This could be anxiety, sadness, despair, depression, self-judgment, guilt, anger, overwhelm – anything that’s distressing. (All byproducts of fear. My words.)

Step 2. Identify and breathe in a replacement attitude. Select a positive attitude and then breathe the feeling of that new attitude in slowly and casually through your heart area. Do this for a while to anchor the new feeling. (A byproduct of love. My words.)

Unwanted Feelings/Attitudes – Replacement Feelings/Attitudes

Stress – Breathe neutral to chill out/ revitalize

Anxiety – Breathe calm & balance

Overwhelm – Breathe ease & peace

Sadness or depression – Breathe appreciation/non-judgment

Guilt – Breathe compassion/non-judgment

Step 3. As you breathe a replacement attitude, tell yourself to take the “big deal” and drama out of the negative feeling or attitude. Tell yourself: Take the significance out. Repeat this over and over as you use Attitude Breathing until you feel a shift or a change. (Moving you from fear to love. My words.) It could take a few minutes, but it’s worth the practice.”

The mind harbors doubt and fear that can at times feel insurmountable. But what strongholds can resist love’s power?

Love is like water. It flows into every available space and in every environmental condition. It will erode blockages and prevail, no matter how long it takes.

Now is the time for us to drop the fears and allow Universal/God’s love to flow to the deep dark crevices of our minds.

Now is the time to be centered in love to offset the fears that are so pervasive throughout the world.

Now is the time to connect with our heart’s loving guidance and wisdom to have more peace!

Now is the time to dedicate ourselves to love, not fear!

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