On Overthinking

A part of your mind (subconscious) knows a lot about becoming completely focused and fully present. Not dwelling on the past nor worrying about the future. Not overthinking at all and being completely in the present moment. This is your instinctive ability that’s always been with you.

Our ancestors instinctively listened to every tiny sound, smelled the clear air, and paid closed attention to the sensations of their bodies. Their senses were sharply in focus as they were keenly aware of their surroundings. Survival was dependent upon their natural ability to be fully present. This is your inherited and natural way of being. That is, to feel fully alive, fully engaged and fully present.

This part of your mind also remembers the times in your life you’ve felt this way. When you were totally absorbed and present in doing something interesting, fun or exciting. Maybe times when you were a child or a teenager or a peak experience in your life. Perhaps a memory you treasure when you were completely in the moment, feeling fully alive.

It doesn’t have to be a memory, You can bring forth this instinctive way of being into so many situations of your life. Allowing you to have a supercharged sense of focus and attentiveness to the present moment. Perhaps when taking a walk, chatting with a friend or enjoying a delicious meal. Or simply doing nothing at all. Just simply being still, inhabiting your body and senses fully.

Overthinking Robs You of Being Fully Alive

There is another part of your mind (conscious). Another part entirely that can rob you of your natural ability to be fully alive. This is the part of your mind that overthinks. That part of your mind that becomes very noisy. You can think of it as a blaring television with loud commercials making it difficult for the people in the room to relax and be present.

Is it time to switch off that blaring TV in your mind so to experience some peace and quiet? Is it time to correct the imbalance between the instinctive part of your mind and the part that overthinks? Creating more harmonious balance?

Stop Overthinking by Tuning In and Turning Off

Pay close attention or become aware when you are not fully present and when your inner television is blaring. Then ask yourself, what will be the end result of my overthinking, over-contemplating, over-processing, or over-analyzing, over…over…over. Chances are high the result will be added stress. Affecting your well-being by promoting anxiety or depression. And most certainly diluting rich, present moments. Is this the result you want right now?

You have the natural, instinctive ability to bring your life into balance. To bring more calm, quiet, focus and reconnect with a much more present way of being where you feel fully alive.

Tune in frequently throughout your day to see how you are feeling. Where is your attention? Is it on regretting the past or worrying about the future? If so, grab that remote control and turn your inner TV off!

There is Power in Your Breath

Another simple but powerful way to bring your attention back to the present is taking deep breaths. I encourage you on top of each hour to pause and do so. Take a deep breath by pushing out your belly for a count of three, hold the breath for three counts and breathe out for six counts. This not only brings your attention back to now, but it stimulates the vagus nerve releasing anti-stress hormones: endorphin, melatonin, serotonin.

Just because breathing exercises are easy to do, does not mean they aren’t effective – they are! As they say, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

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I love the popular Michael Josephson quote, “Your life is your ship and you are the captain. Choose your course, take the wheel firmly and get on your way.”

Take ownership of your life … now. You are the captain of your ship. You and only you can navigate the waters and stay the course. Be aware of your overthinking. How is it robbing you of being more fully alive … more fully present … more focused and engaged? Is the end result of overthinking what you wish to continue to experience? If not, pay attention and become aware when you have become imbalanced. Turn off the loud, brassy thoughts. Frequently, take deep breaths. Tune in to the richness of present moments.

Now is the time!

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