What’s More Important in Life — To Give or to Take?

Is it possible we have it all backwards in reference to giving and taking? We are taught at a very young age to be givers, and raised to put everyone else first. But how can you possibly give without already have taken! It’s impossible. We must first learn to Take so we can restore ourselves and then Give freely.

Nature First Takes then Gives

Dr. Jill Kahn in her book, The Gift of Taking, gives examples on how nature first takes then gives. She asks, “Is the tree a giver or taker?” Most would answer a giver based on it gives us oxygen, shade, wood, and fruit. But Kahn states trees are takers.

“The tree takes what it needs – energy from the sun, nutrients from the soil, and water to replenish itself. Then to maintain its balance it overflows its surplus as the gift – oxygen – our breath of life!”

“Is the sun a giver or taker?,” asks Kahn. Continuing to make her point that nature takes first:

“Our sun is a powerful ball of energy that constantly takes from the energy of the universe. Its purpose in life is to replenish itself. It remains abundant from taking and honoring itself first, then it automatically overflows its excessive rays. The by-product of its energy is our sunlight. That is its gift to the world–the sunshine upon our land.”

The Gift is in the Taking

The way I see it, there’s taking and giving and then there’s Taking and Giving. Taking in lowercase is often ego serving and giving can be out of moral obligation, possibly relieving guilt or shame, and then there’s the charity tax write-off. All head stuff. That in itself is not bad. But Taking, with capital T, is of the heart and is much more needed and sustainable, especially now, on an individual and collective basis.

Our souls long for the nurture, love and compassion found only in the Taking of Divine Love. Then… after Taking of Divine Love, we overflow in an abundance of Love which we can freely Give to others.

The Giving of Love is the natural outflow from being heart-centered in Love. The actual form our Giving takes is secondary. It was Mother Teresa who said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” It can be as simple as a smile to a stranger or just showing up as Love’s radiance.

Surrender and Allow

So why wouldn’t you Take and Give of Divine Love? The questions may become, What must I give up to surrender and allow the Taking of Divine Love? What am I resisting? What am I holding onto that keeps me from humbly opening to receive? Do I need to forgive myself or others?

You see, the Divine never withholds her/his Love from you … ever! But you, for various reasons – mainly feelings or beliefs of unworthiness – do not open to Take. Love is always there for the Taking! It is never not there. It is a free gift available for all – Take it!

In stillness, Take Divine Love and allow it to permeate every bone, nerve and cell of your being! In this Taking you will restore your true nature which is Love … which is Divine. This state of being is where abundance lies (peace, joy, harmony) and Giving then is in its purest form.

Your soul thrives on the nourishment of Divine Love and the world is in dire need of Its expression.

Sparkle on!

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