New Beliefs & Habits for a Sparkling 2021

After implementing meditation with journaling as a spiritual practice, I became keenly aware of the conditioning that had dictated my life. Some of it was positive and some of it was not. As a result, I began replacing old, outdated beliefs and habits with news ones cognizant of the impact they imparted. Not only in my life, but in my family’s and friend’s.

Below are my 20 Gems that replaced old, outdated beliefs and habits which robbed me of my joy and sense of self-worth. They moved me from despair to hope, restlessness to peace, judgment to acceptance, sadness to joy, powerless to empowered and, most importantly, home – home to Self Love.

Sharing them with you in hopes a couple or more will do the same for you:

  1. Decide your own truth.  If the belief you are adhering to does not bring joy, peace, harmony & love, put it aside and choose another.

2.  Have a playful spirit; even in your daily responsibilities.  Not only will you feel better but so will those around you.

3.  Be at peace.  Surrender  to your higher power, take action as divinely guided and know all is working towards the best.

4.  Let go of perfection.  Freely express without the fear of imperfection.  Perfection is the killer of joy. 

5.  Forgive yourself and others which creates the flow of Love your heart so deeply desires.

Strive for Balance

6.  Be hopeful.  Visualize and feel the change you wish to experience.  Hold steadfast to this new vision.  Know that the change you desire is on its way. 

7.  Strive for balance in mind, body and spirit.  Think positive thoughts, move, nourish, and rest your body and find the spiritual practice that is right for you.

8.  Focus on harmonious feelings and let go of discord.  You are one with all there is; never separate or alone. 

9.  Ask for divine protection when fear has overcomes you.  Your angels are at your service at any moment’s notice.

10.  Express your anger in loving ways that are not harmful to yourself and others.   

Step Out of the Pressure Cooker!

11.  See humor in yourself and situations.  Laugh out loud several times daily; keeping a light heart.   

12.  Embrace your sensuality.  Put aside all inhibitions.  You’re a beautiful, sensual being!  Freely express all aspects of yourself in perfect balance.   

13.  Have a grateful heart for what is and be open to receive the blessings God/The Universe so desires to give you. 

14.  Discard judgments of yourself and others. Spirit is not judging you; only encouraging your growth and expansion. 

15.  Step out of the pressure cooker!  Do you best each day and know it is enough.   

Connect with Your Heart

16.  Replace the “Yes but…” with “I will…”  The only limitation you have are the ones self-imposed. 

17.  Practice self-acceptance.  Without self-acceptance there is no self-love.  Without self-love it is difficult to give and accept love from others. 

18.  Be gentle with yourself.  When you are gentle and nurturing to yourself, then you have feelings of worthiness.  You are worthy! 

19.  Quiet the mind chatter and connect with your heart-your true essence-your soul.  This is a powerful way to stay centered in the truth as to who you truly are – a magnificent divine being.   

20.  Embrace your authentic power.  You’re a powerful being; a creator of your life with the Source of All There Is.  

Happy 2021! Sparkle on…

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