Ask not, “Am I good enough?” Ask, “How can I serve?”

If one very common belief, “I am not good enough,” was obliterated, it would be a real game changer.

Not good enough is often based in shame and guilt.

We somehow and somewhere got the message that whoever we are or whatever we do isn’t acceptable … isn’t pleasing … isn’t permissible.

And let’s face it. The ‘comparison factor’ so easily accessible on social media can fortify ‘not good enough.’

The good news is there is a place within us untouched by shame and guilt. A place that feels just okay – no judgment, nothing to prove, accepting and loving. This place has always been there.

This is an invitation to sink into this place of okay-ness that it may permeate every cell, nerve, bone of your body.

Find your way there. Through whatever means work for you, e.g. meditation, mindfulness, trance, therapy, etc.

To believe, truly believe, you are good enough, it must be felt – experiential. It’s one thing to think it in your head, but a whole other to feeeeeel it in your heart.

When you believe through felt experience you are good enough, the question is no longer “Am I good enough?” but naturally becomes “How can I serve?”

I am here to tell you, “How can I serve?” is liberating! By asking it, you fully realize you are MORE than enough and you always have been.

The world needs you. You simply are good enough!

Sparkle on!

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