Less Fixing, More Loving are in Order

Less fixing and a lot more loving of ourselves are in order.

Just reflect on that a moment.

Instead of seeing ourselves as an ongoing problem to be fixed, we instead can see ourselves as valuable human beings who are worthy of love. If we are in troubleshooting mode with ourselves all the time, we will always find more trouble to shoot.

“The reason I’m this way is …” “I’ve been this way all my life, but now I’m trying to…” “If I could just get rid of that awful trait of mine, I’d…” “God knows I don’t like myself like this, but I’m working on it.” “Will I ever learn to…”

Sound familiar?

Self-improvement and growth are important, noteworthy and honorable, of course, but enough already!

Consider less processing … less dissecting … less judgment … less criticism … less FIXING … MORE loving you!

Begin by acknowledging all the things that are already beautiful about you.

The return? Simple – more joyful moments! And quoting one of my favorite authors, Alan Cohen ,”Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all your lessons. Joy is your lesson.” Joy is the whole point! Isn’t it what we are all truly after!

STOP so much fixing! Have a little self-compassion and love you!

You. Are. Worthy. Period!

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Copyright, Denna J. Shelton, 2020

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