Cloak of Gratitude

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”~Thorton S. Wilder

In light of the upheaval across our country, I’m reminded that my best reaction is to be grateful. To succumb to anger and fear is to weaken the soul and human spirit. One of the best responses is to wear a cloak of gratitude by being “conscious of our treasures in every moment.” Gratitude is an expression of love and love is power, the direct opposite of fear and the most powerful force of all.

Very rarely does the media show us the beautiful acts of kindness and stories of love and compassion which take place everyday. This makes it very easy to focus on the negative. We are bombarded by it. As a result, it takes a concerted effort to focus on our blessings and what is right with the world.

Be Grateful for the Small Things

Often while attending to everyday tasks, I feel gratitude for the things so easily taken for granted, e.g., the ability to plant my feet on the floor first thing in the morning, my first cup of coffee, the agility of my fingers as they float across the keyboard, my family, friends, dogs, etc. It’s endless.

The moment you begin to take notice of all the things going right, heartfelt gratitude engulfs you. Which opens your heart allowing more blessings to flow to you. Living in fear, focusing on lack, and what is wrong closes your heart and dampens the soul.

May our hearts overflow with blessings, gratitude and grace as we forge ahead in these uncertain times.

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