I AM Harmony

Just as chosen musical notes create harmonics, so do your thoughts and feelings create either discord or harmony.  Choose to see the beauty in yourself and others creating beautiful harmony.


I AM Joy



Joy is you at the deepest level.  You are the Joy you seek and are connected with the boundless Joy of the universe.


I AM Love



Mastery of Life:  With an open heart, give out Love and, equally as important, allow it to come in.


I AM Peace


Affirmation:  I AM Peace.  I let go of all worry.  I release all control.  I surrender to a higher power.  I know all is for the best.  I AM in the flow of life.  I AM Peace.


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Self-Hypnosis Class/Denna J. Shelton, CH, RMP

Are you trying to quit smoking or lose weight?  Do you find yourself unable to travel to faraway cities because you're terrified of flying?  Is stress overload making it difficult for you to sleep, and keeping you anxious and uneasy when you're awake?  Self-hypnosis can help you deal with these problems and many more.

Learn to use the incredible power of your subconscious mind in three simple steps to achieve your goals and change your life:  toss those cigarettes out; get into those smaller jeans again; fly across the country calmly and serenely; sleep deeply and peacefully at night, and feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning.  Make 2019 the year for you to reach your New Year's Resolutions. 

Upcoming 2019 Self-Hypnosis Classes

2/9 & 2/16, Saturday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm. Mayland Community College, Avery campus,  For registration phone 828-733-5883 or http://www2.mayland.edu/ceclasses/

4/13 & 4/20, Saturday, 1:00-3:30 pm  Mayland Community College, Yancey campus, For registration phone 828-682-7315 or  http://www2.mayland.edu/ceclasses/

5/4 & 5/11, Saturday, 10:00 am-12:30 pm  Mayland Community College, Yancey campus, For registration phone 828-682-7315 or http://www2.mayland.edu/ceclasses/

Who is Denna J. Shelton?

Denna J. Shelton, CH, RMP has 30 years experience in whole wellness: mind, body, & spirit as a fitness instructor, consulting hypnotist, and Reiki Master Pactitioner. Her strengths include her experience, knowledge, calming and soothing charisma, and passion for what she does. All these characteristics, along with her pleasant voice, laid back and comfortable presence and ease of speaking contributes to her success in service to others.

Enthralled with the power of the subconscious mind, in 2002 Denna became certified as an hypnotherapist through the "International Network for Alternative & Intuitive Therapies, Inc.,"  New York, NY.   She used hypnotherapy primarily for weight loss and stress management in the last five years of her 25 year career in the fitness industry.

Denna obtained a second hypnosis certificate in 2016 through the "National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.," Boston, MA.  She currently offers Reiki with hypnosis providing a "powerful combination" covering many issues or modalities.  

What "lights her up" is teaching others the power of their subconscious mind and the three simple steps to learning self-hypnosis.   She believes now, more than ever, is the time to align the quality of your thinking with the desires of your heart and the needs of your body, and self-hypnosis does just that!

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is hypnosis induced in oneself.  The ability to influence positive self-improvement through the inner processes of focused awareness.

Conditions Helped

  • Stop smoking/smoking cessation
  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Excessive worry
  • Prolonged sadness
  • Self-esteem and Self-confidence
  • Academic achievement and test stress
  • Self-hypnosis training
  • Weight management
  • Apprehensions or Fears
  • Social stress
  • Stage fright or performance stress
  • Habit patterns and behaviors
  • Memory enhancement
  • Inner child work
  • Sports enhancement for peak performance

Common Myths & Misunderstandings

  • "I don't think I can be hypnotized":  Anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing and open. Sometimes a person might not realize that they are in a hypnotic trance because it does not feel much different from a normal waking state.
  • Losing control:  You cannot be made to do anything that you are not basically willing to do. People who "cluck like chickens" for "entertainment" hypnosis are those who don't mind "clucking".
  • Hypnosis is "being asleep":  Most people are aware of what is happening while they are in a hypnotic trance state. You can hear what is happening and can come "out of" hypnosis if you chose at any time. In cases where pain reduction or anesthesia is needed you will be trained to go into deeper states like somnambulant states, which can be like sleep.
  • "I won't remember the session":  Although some people do not recall all of the session, most people have memory of what happens in the session. When hypnosis is used for behavior changes, the person usually does recall what is important for them to remember.

Do you need private hypnosis, but in other parts of the country? We can use Skype, FaceTime or other forms of video conferencing. 

To schedule a hypnosis session or free consultation with Denna, please email: denna20gems@gmail.com

Denna  will spend time with you to evaluate exactly what is needed and what approaches will be most effective for your condition and establish strategies for a successful session.  Please email for details. 


What a few of many have said:

Words cannot describe the relief I received just from the first session with Denna and then follow up of two more visits.  My mental and physical health have improved tremendously.  My quality of life is so much better, and I can't tell you how terrific it feels to enjoy life again.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Denna and her use of Reiki and hypnosis.  For years, I've seen traditional doctors and counselors and taken medications for anxiety and depression, and, yet, I have found the greatest relief through Reiki and hypnosis.  Denna is the BEST medicine and most effective therapy for me.  It's as if a dark cloud and weight have been removed from my brain.  I feel more in control of my life.  Even my new (traditional) medical team encourages me to keep seeing Denna due to the positive results. ~ Dawn, 54-year-old female

My hypnosis journey for weight loss with Denna has been interesting, enlightening, fun and successful to date.  My commitment to lose 1.5 to 2 pounds per week was established with a goal weight at my first session with Denna. And here I am several sessions and seven weeks later, 14 pounds lighter and greater every day in every way as I continue towards my goal.  Denna is a great communicator, listener, and teacher who radiates the power of positive thinking.  I highly recommend her as a hypnotist and healing arts practitioner to anyone. ~  E. K. R., Western, North Carolina

I’ve made several attempts throughout my lifetime to quit smokingIn only two hypnosis sessions with Denna, I was easily able to say goodbye to this 35-year-old habit that was negatively impacting my health.   Thank you, Denna, for your expertise! ~ Betty C., Western North Carolina

"Denna has been working her magic with Reiki, and Love, with me. When she suggested Reiki/Hypnosis I was excited to see what might occur. After our first session I was amazed to find that a life-long problem with negativity was almost completely healed..... what a thrilling feeling!  I will continue to see what further awakenings happen.  I would refer any family/friends  to share this unique experience with a very special woman." Judy M., Western, NC

"Thank you for carving out the time to see my sister.  She came back to me very happy and relieved of many pains that plague her and she said she loved you and the session! Judy M., Western, NC

 "I had no idea that such a few sessions could give such amazing results! When we started I was having a difficult time sleeping. "Monkey mind" was a nightly issue. This may sound like a small thing but night after night with less and less sleep takes a toll on your life. After two hypnosis sessions I have been able to put the monkeys to bed!  The Reiki work Denna did on my hands has made a wonderful difference in my daily life from every day activities to improved participation in my yoga practice.  With so much less pain everything is easier. Thank you, Denna! I look forward to more sessions in the future!" ~ Harriet, Western, NC

 "Recently I had my first hypnosis and Reiki session with Denna.  She has a beautiful way to put you at ease and her questions clearly show a deep knowledge and a solid background in hypnosis.  I wanted to deal with some personal insecurities and a difficult relationship with my mother. After three weeks, I still feel the great benefits of our session. I find myself  with a sense of “detachment” from things that used to bother me and a better disposition in accepting what I can’t change.  I did psychotherapy for few years when I was younger, and overall I had some benefits but nothing ever proven to be so effective as hypnosis." ~  Sylvia P., Western, NC

I had phenomenal results with my first hypnosis session for stress reduction with Denna.  I felt so relaxed by her calming voice and methods.  After our session, I returned to my everyday life finding myself repeating suggestions she had given me reducing my stress levels instantly.  Love, love, love my results and highly recommend Denna for hypnosis. ~  Emilee P., Western, NC

Questions & Answers

Can hypnosis be bad for your health?  No.  I'd guess that all medical practitioners would agree on the health benefits of relaxation.  Relaxation helps to bring about a homeostatic balance - a balance within the system of mind, body and soul, emotionally and physically.  The problem is that a lot of doctors say to people, "You need to learn to relax," but they never really give them the tools for knowing "how to relax."  Relaxation is extremely important for your health.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis and be unable to wake up? No one ever gets "stuck" in hypnosis.  Remember that hypnosis is a natural and normal state to be in from time to time.  It's not a state which is completely alien to us.  Of course, hypnosis is a subjective experience and everyone will experience it differently, but the worst that could possibly happen is that you drift into natural sleep, and after 5 or 10 minutes you wake up naturally.  Some people may use hypnosis as a bridge into natural sleep.  In my private hypnosis sessions, some people have been kept awake by their stress, and when hypnosis relaxes them, they have naturally fallen asleep.  This is not a problem.  But remember, you'll never get stuck in hypnosis and be unable to wake up.

Will I be asleep or unconscious when in hypnosis? No.  You're not asleep and you're not unconscious.  You're fully aware of what's happening around you.  Of course, everyone's experience is slightly different.  Some people feel light, some feel heavy, but almost everyone feels extremely relaxed.  Generally, when people are in a deep state of hypnosis, they feel as if their body has gone to sleep but the mind is still alert, awake, and aware.  If you do fall into a natural sleep, then don't worry.  It's fine.

Will I become dependent on the hypnotist?  Remember, you have a conscious awareness during hypnosis, and are in full control.  If the hypnotist were to ask a subject to do anything inappropriate, most people would pull themselves out of it spontaneously.  The best, most professional and ethical hypnotists work in a way that makes the client feel empowered, rather than working in an authoritarian way where problems may result.

In hypnosis, will I be able to recall everything that's ever happened to me? No.  Some hypnotists use specific techniques that may help a person remember certain things from the past if that's going to be useful for them.  This is called regression work.  But you will not recall all your memories.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?  Hypnosis feels different to different people.  Some people feel light and tingly, others heavy, and some people feel numbness.  Some people find their eyes tear up or that they swallow more.  But most likely, you will feel like you are deep inside yourself but still aware that you are in a room, in a chair, being guided into hypnosis.

Do hypnotists have special powers? The thought that hypnotists have "special powers" originates from Hollywood movies.  This is understandable, as there's a deep mystery surrounding hypnosis.  The truth is that hypnotists don't have any special powers.  They just have knowledge and experience in the skill of inducing hypnosis.  With sufficient effort and practice, most people could probably induce hypnosis.  Of course, the real skill is in what way you use it, and how you use the hypnotic state to help people.

Does hypnosis only work on certain people?  No.  While it's true that hypnosis can be more useful for some people than others.  I would say it's mainly comes down to the person's motivation, their willingness and their ability to concentrate.   I believe everyone is suggestible to some degree.  If you're interested in something and it's something that you want, generally you're open to its effects.  It's the same with hypnosis.  If you want it to work and you co-operate, then you'll reap the benefits.

Are people who get hypnotized weak minded?  No.  It's quite the opposite.  Without doubt, it's the people who can concentrate well and have a creative imagination that are, if you want to use the term, the best 'hypnotic subjects'.  These types of people go into hypnosis easier and deeper than anyone else.  We're all susceptible to suggestion, but to varying degrees.  If someone is offering me something useful, then I will work towards achieving it.  It would be really silly to work against something that will benefit you.  So it's really not true that people who are hypnotized are gullible or weak minded.

When in hypnosis, can I be made to say or do something against my will? Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestion.  Generally, people won't do anything which goes against their personal values or beliefs.  Hypnosis is not sleep.  You're aware of everything happening around you.  If someone tells you to do something that is really against your values, then you won't do it.  You'll come out of the state of hypnosis, and in fact, you'd almost be shocked out of hypnosis.

I don't think I can be hypnotized.  Anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing and open.  Sometimes a person might not realize that they are in a hypnotic trance because it does not feel much different from a normal waking state.

Will I remember the session?   Although some people do not recall all of the session, most people have memory of what happens in the session.  When hypnosis is used for behavior changes, the person usually does recall what is important for them to remember.

 To schedule a hypnosis session or free consultation with Denna, please email: denna20gems@gmail.com

*Disclaimer:  the areas and issues treated by Hypnosis listed above may vary from person to person.  We offer no guarantees or claims that everyone will get the same results. 


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