"If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation"~Dalai Lama

I AM Harmony

Just as chosen musical notes create harmonics, so do your thoughts and feelings create either discord or harmony.  Choose to see the beauty in yourself and others creating beautiful harmony.


I AM Joy



Joy is you at the deepest level.  You are the Joy you seek and are connected with the boundless Joy of the universe.


I AM Love



Mastery of Life:  With an open heart, give out Love and, equally as important, allow it to come in.


I AM Peace


Affirmation:  I AM Peace.  I let go of all worry.  I release all control.  I surrender to a higher power.  I know all is for the best.  I AM in the flow of life.  I AM Peace.


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Message from Denna...

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“The spiritual experience Journey to the Self provide is not limited to adults. My grandchildren (5 and 3 yrs.) were both oohing and ahhing, totally engrossed in the scenery and beautiful music for the entire eleven minutes!  I’ve never seen them so fascinated."~Y.P., Nashville, TN

I am happy to have learned that my audio-visual meditations with I AM Affirmations are not only for adults but also for children, including infants.  One mother told me her six week old, colicky baby went from screaming to cooing with delight after viewing my meditations.  A grandmother claimed her three month old grandson was completely engrossed while watching one entire DVD-44 minutes.  A father told me he placed his three quarreling children in front of my meditations as a time-out.  He claims they emerged in complete different frame of minds and were actually decent to each other the remainder of the day.  These are just to mention a few.   I have become very excited about promoting my meditations for children.    The Dalai Lama said, If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation.”  I believe my audio-visual meditations with I AM Affirmations can begin the process even younger than age eight because of its easy but effective use.

Children spend an inordinate amount of time, good or bad, with their electronic devices; e.g., computers, smart phones, e-readers, etc.   Having access, via these devices, to meditative videos with empowering messages is a contemporary and convenient way to reap the benefits of meditation such as:  improved self-esteem, less stress, and less anxiety. Children today are certainly more stressed than their parents likely realize. One in five children said they worried a lot or a great deal about things going on in their lives, and more than 30 percent admitted to such stress-related symptoms as difficulty sleeping, according to the American Psychological Association, Annual Stress in America Report . Yet, the same report found that only eight percent of parents were aware that their children experienced any stress at all.

Being in the health industry for 25 years as a mind, body, spirit advocate, I know firsthand how vital meditation and positive thought are to our well-being.  My only regret is that I didn’t know it as a young child.  As someone who suffered horribly from “test anxiety,”  I feel certain, as studies have proven, that meditation would have negated most, if not all, of it.  It is my wish that I contribute to your children's well-being in mind, body, and spirit.

May your children's lives be filled with love, joy, peace, harmony and health!



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