"I just lump everything in a great heap which I have labeled 'the past,' and, having thus emptied this deep reservoir that was once myself, I am ready to continue."~ Zelda Fitzgerald

I AM Harmony

Just as chosen musical notes create harmonics, so do your thoughts and feelings create either discord or harmony.  Choose to see the beauty in yourself and others creating beautiful harmony.


I AM Joy



Joy is you at the deepest level.  You are the Joy you seek and are connected with the boundless Joy of the universe.


I AM Love



Mastery of Life:  With an open heart, give out Love and, equally as important, allow it to come in.


I AM Peace


Affirmation:  I AM Peace.  I let go of all worry.  I release all control.  I surrender to a higher power.  I know all is for the best.  I AM in the flow of life.  I AM Peace.


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Twenty Gems, Soul's Journey to Self Love


Denna J. Shelton has masterfully crafted a stunningly beautiful multi-media book.  The author invites you to remember and to experience who and what you essentially are.  The guided meditations are deeply relaxing and energetically transformative.  You can journey through multidimensional realms, discover your spiritual origins, or experience states of altered consciousness that encourage you to live life through your Soul.  A loving, encouraging, and supportive energy permeates this book.  It calls you joyfully to your divine awakening. ~            Elaine Yoshikawa, Ph.D. in Philosophy, www.thousandblossoms.com


  • 20, 11 - 15 minutes, audio meditations with affirmations encompassing a variety of themes:  peace, harmony, joy, love, self-acceptance, self-esteem, hope, gratitude, and many more.

  • Colorful nature photography

  • Each meditation/affirmation is accompanied by a worksheet of questions which heighten your awareness of limiting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs and gently guide you to positive action.

  • The many elements of TwentyGems, Soul's Journey to Self Love, which make it so different from other meditation and affirmation books,  can be read here.  

All this for only:   $11.95


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Journey to Self Love to open the heart, free the mind…

Journaling has long been a form of meditation for me.  I love getting into a peaceful state and allowing messages from my Self to pour forth in my writing.  This form of meditation whisks me out of the drama of my life and gives me fresh perspective and peaceful solutions.  Time after time it has taken me from immobility and indecision to vital empowerment and changed my course of action.  I have learned to trust this Higher Guidance that flows through me and deeply balances my life.

In reviewing my journals one rainy afternoon, I felt that many of these writings could help and empower others as well.  I was inspired to take twenty of my best journal entries, or what I call “gems,” and create a succinct but powerful book of meditations and affirmations accompanied by soothing audio meditation.

After gathering all “twenty gems,” I realized this was a powerful “journey to Self-love.”  When I say “Self,” I mean the essential part of you that is pure and true and whose tender voice you can trust.  It’s the part of you often masked by labels and the roles you play.  It’s the part full of creative expression and joy.  It is your True Essence...your Self.

 NOW IS THE TIME to Journey to Self Love 

Life is more complex and unpredictable than ever.  Things are changing so drastically, both personally and globally, that sometimes it’s difficult to assimilate it all.  Some of us are deeply concerned about the economy, the threats to our security at home and abroad, the environment, and education.  Others have serious family, work, and health issues or a combination of the above.   But how often do you think about your own Self?  How concerned are you about your own inner well-being?  How can you connect with your needs and the desires of your heart?  What changes need to be made within you?  What can you do to truly make a difference; to step out of hopelessness into empowerment?

We, as a civilization, are at a crossroad.  We can no longer ignore the voice of our souls. They are in need of deep nourishment and expression.  Without these, it will be difficult to adjust and cope in these transforming times.  Now is the time to once and for all let go of the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in a life we truly don't want or have succumbed to just to survive and not thrive.  Now is the time to align the quality of our thinking with the needs of our bodies and the desires of our hearts.  To claim the power that is our birthright that leads to a life of joy, peace, love, and abundance in all ways.

The many elements of TwentyGems, Soul's Journey to Self Love, which make it so different from other meditation and affirmation books,  can be read here.

 It is my hope that TwentyGems will journey you from despair to hope, from restlessness to peace, judgment to self-acceptance, sadness to joy, disempowerment to empowerment and most importantly...Home...to your Self!                                                                                                                                       Denna



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