"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."~John F. Kennedy


I AM Harmony

Just as chosen musical notes create harmonics, so do your thoughts and feelings create either discord or harmony.  Choose to see the beauty in yourself and others creating beautiful harmony.


I AM Joy



Joy is you at the deepest level.  You are the Joy you seek and are connected with the boundless Joy of the universe.


I AM Love



Mastery of Life:  With an open heart, give out Love and, equally as important, allow it to come in.


I AM Peace


Affirmation:  I AM Peace.  I let go of all worry.  I release all control.  I surrender to a higher power.  I know all is for the best.  I AM in the flow of life.  I AM Peace.


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Why I AM Meditation for Children...


I AM... the two most powerful words ever spoken!

Why I AM for Children

What if you, as a parent, could provide your child an effortless, enjoyable and effective way to experience more love, joy, peace and harmony in his or her life; would you do so? My audio-visual meditations with I AM Affirmations do just that. How? The beautiful nature scenes accompanied by mesmerizing graphic animations, vibrant colors, and soothing music create deep relaxation. The voice-only, positive I AM Affirmations, e.g., "I AM Love" are then easily integrated into the subconscious mind and heart. The beliefs held in our hearts create our inner and outer experiences. Why I AM Affirmations?





Message from Denna


Children spend an inordinate amount of time, good or bad, with their electronic devices; e.g., computers, smart phones, e-readers, etc.   Having access, via these devices, to meditative videos with empowering messages is a contemporary and convenient way to reap the benefits of meditation such as:  improved self-esteem, less stress, and less anxiety.

Children today are certainly more stressed than their parents likely realize. One in five children said they worried a lot or a great deal about things going on in their lives, and more than 30 percent admitted to such stress-related symptoms as difficulty sleeping, according to the American Psychological Association’s Annual Stress in America Report. Yet, the same report found that only eight percent of parents were aware that their children experienced any stress at all.



Is Your Child a Genius?

Albert Einstein said, “Each child is born a genius.”    Was he speaking of our I.Q.?   I think not. I believe he was speaking of our ability to create.  Every human is born with creativity.  It’s as natural for human beings to create as it is for fish to swim or birds to fly.  We are all blessed with innate creative ability.  We were created in the image of the Creator of All, I AM.   Therefore, we have an inherited ability to create or co-create with God.   We can, however, stifle our and our children’s  creativity by not acknowledging and nurturing its existence.  We then miss an essential element of the human experience.  After all, what do human beings do?  What makes human beings different from other creatures?  Perhaps more than anything, it is the human capacity to consciously create.



Meditation for Mom...

Having gone through two pregnancies myself, I know this is a very special time for a woman and her family.  It is a time of many changes in a woman's body, in her emotions and in the life of her family.  As welcome as they may be, these changes often add new stresses to the lives of busy pregnant women who already face many demands at home and at work.  I know from my personal experience that there is an amazing difference in a newborn whose mother was  extremely stressed throughout her pregnancy versus a mother who was calm.  Meditation during pregnancy can be the solution to the added stress and provide a calm pregnancy.




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I AM... Peace

Affirmation:  I AM Peace.  I let go of all worry.  I surrender to a Higher Power.  I AM in the flow of life.  I AM Peace.

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I AM... Joy

Affirmation:   I AM Joy.   I feel happy throughout my day.  I feel happy and carefree.  I let go of serious thoughts.  I express my playfulness.  I AM Joy.

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